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political science professor david baggin says with democratic dominant california pretty much in the bag, the president's really here for one purpose. >> we're a wealthy state. we're the biggest donor state. we're the state that both sides, even though we're a heavily democratic state, both sides are going to come out and take advantage of that silicon valley money, hollywood money, that california gold. >> reporter: sharon hoffman is one of the handful of folks who paid top dollar to chat with the president in an intimate setting. and she is thrilled. >> it's a roundtable that is actually taking place apparently at a square table where he is going to talk and answer questions for approximately an hour about anything that the folks there want to talk about. so i'm really excited. it's a real treat and a privilege and really an honor. >> reporter: again, we understand that event is expected to last for about an hour. you can see the secret service continues to be on stand by here. now from here the president will travel about six blocks up to the bill graham civic auditorium, where he wil
discovered that the couple had been on a crime spree that started in southern california on august 28th. that's when darnell washington escaped from san bernardino county jail with his wife's help. five days later on september 2nd, darnell is suspected of shooting and wounding with a shotgun an l.a. county sheriff's deputy who approached him in the city of south el monte in the san gabriel valley. now the couple is suspected also in a number of other crimes, including carjacking and robbery between southern california and northern california. on october 5th, susie ko was killed in her hercules home. >> it's a very big break. and we've said right along that finding the car would be one of the key pieces of evidence that we need to help us try to solve this case. and particularly since king county was able to find suspects in the vehicle, that gives us even more of a lead than if we had found it parked on a street somewhere. >> reporter: now again, hercules police are not calling the husband and wife suspects in the homicide of susie ko, but they will question them as soon as they are able. we
in california. several environmental groups filed a lawsuit today, suing state regulators over the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing. the lawsuit claims the division of oil, gas, and geothermal resources failed to properly evaluate the risks of fracking, which the california environmental quality act requires. as it stands today, california does not regulate fracking. nbc bay area investigative reporter stephen stock talked with the state's top regulator who admits california dropped the ball on fracking regulation. and you can see that exclusive interview tomorrow at 6:00 and 11:00 on nbc bay area news. >>> a bizarre crime in contra costa county. someone posing as a cop kidnapped a day laborer. authority says the suspect hired the worker outside of a home improvement store, and then held him captive inside a of a lafayette home. the worker managed to escape to a nearby home where the neighbor called police. the suspect is 51-year-old todd morton. he was working as a caretaker at the home. they say after the day laborer finished his work, morton falsely identified himself as a polic
the outcome of the propositions. the head of the california schools weigheden to nbc bay area. and in the newsroom with more on what he hopes voters will do come november. hello. >> state superintendent tom tolikson wants voters to say yes on both measures. we were able to catch up, in the bay area for grand opening of the delta center. with the election so close, edge kaegs a -- education and the props are on his mind. he knows it can get confusing. measures do similar things. that's the point to provide a major rescue plans for schools. wou without the passage of eithers. schools will face devastating cuts and possibly have to shorten the school year by four weeks. >> it can be confusing. i urge voters to look carefully at votes. i am, the head of education for california, superintendent of schools, and i have looked at them both and i believe their vote will be valuable in restoring billions our schools need. by the way if they both pass -- you are not double taxed. the one with the most votes that goes into effect. >> what exactly do the measures do. governor jerry brown,
to interview the two suspects. they say darnell recently escaped from a southern california prison, and that his wife helped him. the couple had been on the run since late august. and moments ago we learned their bail has been set at $3 million each. >>> san francisco firefighters are trying to determine what caused a massive four-alarm fire that gutted a popular restaurant and brought muni to a crawl today. the squat and gobble restaurant on westport tall caught fire this morning deep into the interior of the building. and as a result there was a partial roof collapse. firefighters say that fire spread to the wine shop and a dental office as well. so crews had to bring in so much heavy equipment that the muni trains couldn't pass through the west portal station for some five hours. >> i'm supposed to be lecturing right now at san francisco state. obviously i'm not there. >> it's really inconvenient. and as much as i feel bad about what is going on, i do have to get to work. >> now muni did set up bus bridges to get around the tunnel, and three firefighters were hurt, including one
for adventure capital firm and mow went works for caldwell banker in southern california. people still recognize them three decades later and, of course, everyone still remembers the play. by the way, stanford won today's game, 21-3. live in berkeley, nbc bay area news. >> you have tickets to another game there behind you. thank you. >>> from one big game to another, we are, of course, talking about the giants. the team is back home here in the bay area. gearing up for tomorrow night's must win game. it is game six in the national league championship series against the st. louis cardinals. we have team coverage tonight and we begin with comcast sportsnet in the newsroom there. hello, henry. >> hello, chris. we are waiting for that big game. i'm not talking about football. i'm talking about baseball. giants fans aren't complaining about barry zito's contract today after years of not living up to that nine-figure deal zito helped the giants avoid elimination and send the series back to san francisco for game six and hopefully game seven. you know, zito kept the cardinalses off balance all night lo
. now, if you're traveling here in california by plane, or you're doing any traveling at all the next seven dwarks have hurricane sandy across the east coast. winds at 75 miles per hour, will be impacting millions of people. right now the storm track does have this parallel to carolinas by sunday. moving up the coastline with a potential landfall on tuesday right near washington, d.c. a slight deviation in that track, and we could have drastically different conditions for a lot of the east coast. and the other thing is the flooding rain, 6 to 13 inches from the carolinas potentially up to new york city. some big weather on the maps 24 evening. well want to join nbc's danielle leigh who is in maryland with the very latest. i'm sure everyone is on edge this hour. danielle? >> they are. here in chesapeake beach, it's empty. they have brought the furniture inside. inside you'll see several empty slips on about the dock. that is because they are moving their boats to safety. people know now is the time to prepare. strong winds, rain, and a rising surf from hurricane sandy are already lashi
to be in the area for at least three weeks. the california national guard has also been called in to help. airplanes, helicopters, and two specialized rescue teams, including the 129 rescue wing out of moffitt field have been mobilized. it's one of only thee of its kind in the country and will be taking the lead in rescue operations. so what can you do to help? so many people want to send supplies, but the red cross says in this case, cash is king. cash donations will help the most and will help immediately. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >>> well, new york is the financial capital of the world, but sandy has shut it down. until now, after two days of closure, the new york stock exchange and nasdaq will reopen tomorrow. it's the first weather-related shutdown in more than 25 years. in the meantime, the election is just one week away. polling places might have to be moved, and absentee voting deadlines might be pushed back because of the superstorm. today president obama went to the red cross headquarters in washington, d.c. to reassure storm victims that fema and other agencies
of commerce is not a campaign contributor but says prop 37 would be bad for california. >> it exposes people to litigation, unnecessarily, without any gain on any scientific basis. >> according to the no on 37.org campaign the proposition will raise food prices by $400 a year for the average family and it would not properly inform people of what's in their food. >>> and coming up next, hometown pride in pleasanton. giants shortstop brandon crawford's coach takes us back to the field where it all began. >>> and speaking of pleasanton, we saw highs today in the low 80s. outside right now, if you have evening plan, still, 80 degrees out by livermore. 70 in san francisco. santa rosa, 82 degrees. we have clear skies right now. but rain is coming back. your seven-day forecast. we'll let you know when it's going to arrive when we come right back. >>> 1 in 88 children born in the united states has autism. but there may be some new hope for families effected by the disorder. as nbc bay area shows us stem cells from core blood are breaking new medical ground. >> reporter: researchers hope what's insid
in california? the latest victory for the state's undocumented immigrants. >>> plus no one can escape hacking. what we're learning about a high profile attempt on the white house. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful ...but add some ham and cheese ...roll them up in some crescent dough and tada, thursday is now... a ham & cheese crescent roll-up wonder pillsbury crescents, let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits talacesd nig for the debate, which could have a tv aurdience of 60llion. nts n a tty. preparing foth cruve ra theywithstand-ins. meanwhile, campaign staffers and volunteers were very busy going door to door, encouraging voters to cast their ballots early. >>> just before the state deadline, governor brown signed the bill allowing young undocumented residents to qualify for california driver's license. there is a catch, though. only if they're accepted by a federal work permit program can they get th
on california's congressional races. the former president was the headliner. the mission was to boost the profile of sacramento area incumbents. sharing the stage challengers in two others am my berra a. >>> workers could soon see a boost in the magic. the city could join a handful of others by creating its own pay floor for residents. san jose's minimum wage currently stands at $8, but would get a bump up to $10 if measure d is approved at the polls next month, and would rise every year with inflation. if it passes, many small businesses fear they'll have to lay off employees, cut hours, and pass on higher prices to their customers. matt mahood, president of the silicon valley chamber of commerce says an independent study just commissioned by the chamber forecasts a similar outcome. >> the general conclusion is if you raise the minimum wage by 25% immediately in the city of san jose, that you're going to lose jobs, and it's going to be significant. and it's actually going to hurt the people that it's intended to help. >> the chamber of commerce opposed measure d before the results of
in the state. it's the highest rent in the state of california. we have recently eclipsed san francisco as the highest rental market. >> reporter: in san jose, the average rent for a one-bedroom unit is $1667, up more than 11% compared to october of last year. and more landlords are fixing up their rentals to get a higher price. at pinewood terrace in east san jose you'll pay nearly $1300 for this newly renovated one bedroom unit. for many renters, the sky-high prices mean relying on roommates to share costs, sometimes several of them. >> it's a one-bedroom. it's pretty small. and there are four girls living there. >> reporter: but if you think rents are high here, head to palo alto, where the average rent for a one-bedroom, one-bath unit is $2,417. rental experts say the reason rents are climbing is because people who lost their homes are now renting, and the job market is picking up. so don't expect rents to peak any time soon. with the occupancy rate higher than 95% in the south bay, experts say you can expect rents to keep on climbing. and if you think that you'll save money by rent
've seen anything close to this here across california. and it was wild here throughout the morning commute. you can see some of that rain that slammed us here across the bay area. what we found some of the heaviest rainfall up into the north bay with santa rosa over 1 inch. and anywhere from san francisco southward into parts of the east bay, about a quarter to a half inch. in the south bay, getting quite a bit less with.11. it was also very gusty today. the top wind gusts coming in san francisco at 59 miles per hour. so let's get a current look at the radar. what we are finding here that loops around is some showers starting to develop to the north. that's part of this second system we're going to be following for tonight. this will gradually push rain down into the san francisco peninsula. and of course, the giants have their game for tonight. so anyone heading out that way will want to keep your poncho handy, because there is the possibility of rain throughout that game. meanwhile we talked about that potential tornado to the north of sacramento. we'll bring you into some of the severe
an outrage in southern california is now back online tonight, and there is hope that that may stabilize the situation. but for now, prices continue to hover at the $5 mark. reporting live in concord, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >>> decision 2012 and a seismic shake-up thanks to some economic news. for the first time since president obama took office, the nation's unemployment rate is now less than 8%. the unexpected news seemed to buoy the president on the campaign trail, who took advantage of the announcement that the american economy created 114,000 jobs last month. >> more americans entered the workforce. more people are getting jobs. >> this country has come too far to turn back now. >> conservatives, though, took to social media to accuse the obama administration of doctoring those numbers. republican nominee mitt romney did not go that far, but did say the reason for drop in the unemployment rate is because americans have just stopped looking for work. >>> the mom accused of abandoning her 10-year-old daughter inside of a local safeway store after a botched shoplifting
veterans are coming from homes and facilities all over northern california. margo has gathered more than 100 volunteers to greet the veterans. escort them down to the docks. >> how many wheelchairs can you safely accommodate? >> reporter: and one by one. >> all right, is everybody ready? >> reporter: wheelchair and all, place them gently on to some 30 different yachts. the skipper of each boat offering to take their honored guest on a tour of the bay that. >> was a fun ride. >> reporter: for some of these veterans, it will be their only outing all year. >> it's a gift. it's a gift well received. believe me, well received. till our dying day, we'll remember these things. >> reporter: though she has no great family ties to the military, margo says she offers up this opportunity to vets because she feels they are often forgotten, particularly those who like her have a history that goes back more than a few decades. >> look at what they have done for us. they have risked their lives. they went when we didn't. >> reporter: this yearly event is simply one american's way of saying thank you for
shuttle "endeavour" finally made it to its final stop. the california science center. and it got there on the back of a bay area company. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez got an inside look. she is live in alameda with more tonight. jodi? >> reporter: the trailers used are electronically controlled and capable of carrying some 600 tons. the folks here at alameda are experts in executing huge moves. but moving a space shuttle is a new endeavor. >> it can crab diagonally this way, and it can also carousel, which would be spinning 360 degrees. >> reporter: you're looking at a replica of the computer-controlled trailers that took the space shuttle "endeavour" on its final mission, a move that was engineered and carried out by a bay area-based company called sarens. >> it was a huge honor to play any kind of a role in this project. i've never seen so many happy faces on the streets of los angeles. >> reporter: charlie wells was a left-wing spotter on the 12-mile city street trek. as a colleague maneuvered the shuttle using a remote control, wells helped make sure nothing touched the $1.8
, the spotlight was on apple, which rolled out a bunch of updated products today in san jose's california theater. a new i mack desk lop computer, a mac book computer and the much anticipated ipad mini. 7.9 inches of the screen, competing directly with amazon and google tablets. it will start at $329. >> and they showed here is our lineup. it's a family. and that led right into how they released the ipad and the ipad mini by saying this is a computing -- we also have a family with. therefore, we'll have different sizes and different price points to meet the needs of different folks in the market. >> lots of different products. apple has its eye on your holiday dollars. if there is a high-tech computing need in your household, apple wants to fill it. tonight at 6:00, you'll hear more from tim cook. also what customers are already doing to get their hands on the newest ipad. janelle? >> okay, thanks, scott. >> you bet. [ closing bell ] >>> this was actually one of the worst days of the year on wall street. weak corporate earnings reports from dupont, 3m and others pummelled the market. the dow jone
to be on wednesday as a dip in the jet stream forms right across northern california. that's going to allow this system starting wednesday to bring in some clouds. but some good news. from 24 hours ago, we're thinking now that this system will hold off for the better part of wednesday, then arrive more towards wednesday night. let's look at the futurecast for what you can expect for tomorrow. patchy dense fog through 8:00. the afternoon clearing skies, hazy sunshine inland and still low clouds out on the coast. wednesday, though, let's jump ahead and take a look at that forecast. the timing of the rain. here is the parade's start time. 11:00. you've got clouds, but the rain is way off in the north bay, heading towards halloween evening. look at this into the north bay. you're still seeing some rain there but most of the bay area apparently should be dry south of san francisco through 8:00. and then by 11:00, the rain does quickly sweep on in. so we'll have rain arriving before midnight around the bay area. but the all important thing is on wednesday looks like it's not going to get here bef
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